Formal Written Testimonials
(see Informal Written Testimonials at bottom)

 I highly recommend getting a session with Ziji. The first one is free! You send a couple of photos to him and he  calls you up, reading your aura and using your own Body Wisdom's guidance, he helps remove all the noise from past arguments, painful things felt and said from you or others and leaves you feeling blissfully connected to your higher self with a grateful new absence of extra "Monkey Mind" (or Pointless Mental Chatter ) ...

Los Angeles, CA

 “Ziji is one of the leading healers and visionaries on the planet today. He offers his rare gifts to people wishing to clear their aura and to be empowered with his healings and coachings imbued with  insights and visions that will liberate and enlighten your spirit and energy. He is generous with his clients and sensitive to each individual’s needs. I have grown tremendously by working with ZiJi over the past 5 years. “

Sincerely, David P. (Opera Singer and Performer, Music Teacher, Cantor)

Miami, Florida

I have worked with ZiJi for a number of years around issues with my health and general well-being. He has repeatedly shown remarkable insight into the subtle realms of my psycho-spiritual life. He has always treated me with respect, compassion and integrity and I have benefited immensely from our exchanges. It has been a exciting, fun and eye-opening adventure working with ZiJi”

Albuquerque, NM

“Ziji is a genius. His work with auras is always enlightening and advances your soul's work on itself. I recommend using this man's expert spiritual healings . You’ll witness shifts for sure !”

Jodi S.
Maui, Hawaii

Informal Written Testimonials

Dear Ziji,
Can hardly believe how my knee and hip are not 
hurting much AT 

Virginia, USA

My swelling went down the very next day and I 
definitely felt a subtle energy shift in my spirit. I 
felt that I called it (my spirit) into my left leg and 
(it became) more whole. I began to cry a bit, 
feeling that I was able to begin to create more of 
what I say I want. I was clearer, more confident 
in myself. I can't say exactly whether all of that 
was the effect of the session for sure, 
but it felt that way.
Northern California, USA

Hello Ziji;
Just wanted to thank you again for the free session.
I am still amazed and bewildered at the profound
change in myself. It is the beginning of day 3 of me
getting acquainted with the considerably more
grounded stranger that is now me. All obsessive
worry has evaporated (no matter how hard I
intentionally try to experimentally initiate it!). Truly
mind boggling... I fully intend to do as many follow
up sessions as financially possible.


Hi ZiJi,

I want to let you know that today (after our healing 
session yesterday) was the 1st day in along time that 
music became more alive for me. I went from one 
song to another, bringing them to mind, and quietly 
singing along to them. I really felt the lyrics and 
music of some of these standard songs. It felt very 
touching to me.
Bronx ,NY
Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and the world. I am so very grateful. A poem dedicated to you. Have a great day. 

"A man I met on one fine day,
with gifts oh so galore.
And I do feel so very blessed,
to come upon his shore.

He gave his all, to lend a hand.
to send me energies.
And as he worked on my aura
he helped me fly so free.

He told me things, I did not know.
For this I am grateful..."



I don't think words can really express how grateful I
am to you for your healing, kindness, and care. I am the Universe for bringing you into my life.

You are such a good person: Patient, loving, easy,
calm, and so willing to help us on this plane. You are
quite remarkable.

I am feeling so much better all around. My core feels
more solid. I am not plagued by moments of fearful
thoughts or anxiety. I am feeling more and more like
that little girl where my early memories were ones of
oneness, joy, safety, and acceptance.

Thanks again. Take care of yourself.
Peace and love always,

Maryland, USA
Hello Ziji,

I am relieved that my digestion is so much improved
(since our healing session)...

This morning birds began singing ever more loudly
while i was finishing cleaning the kitchen... I looked
outside to see a vivid double rainbow! It felt so nice
to rest my eyes on it.

I rested very well and had an epsom salt bath on
waking...Now very tired and ready for a healing sleep.

I'm excited to know you and am very interested in
your story.


Santa Fe, New Mexico


Hi Ziji,

 ....I'm very grateful (for our session yesterday). The
whole experience as delightful and insightful and I
trust you implicitly - which is rare because I'm very
choosey about who I allow to mess with my
energetic body!...Many blessings to you and to your
important work.

Northern California


Hi Ziji,

...Regarding the healing, I feel great. I feel like some
weight was removed from my shoulders. I slept
peacefully last night. This morning when I woke up, I
felt invigorated. I can't wait to have another session.
Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to
give me that healing and for calling to check up on
me. You are an amazing person. I am looking
forward to more amazing healings with you.

Westchester, NY

Hi Ziji,

I'm doing well (a day after our healing). Yesterday I was a bit more open with people at work and I felt less shy. It was a great session and very accurate, everything you said. You are very professional, excellent job.

Ontario, Canada


Thank you so much for your gift of time and healing tonight! I'm feeling free...

Thank you, J.M..


Hey Ziji,

I had my first (basketball) game last night and I was so excited afterward it was hard to sleep. I was really nervous about it, about my body holding up and being able to compete (not having played since junior college). But it went much better than I thought it would. It was the first time I played a game like that in 10 years, and I was right there battling with the jocks who play all the time. I can definitely improve my conditioning and flexibility, but in a way it felt like I was back to who I was before everything started to go down hill in my life. A definite confidence booster, and hopefully carries over to everything else.

Thanks for all your dedicated healing work with me and for encouraging me to get back on the basketball court after so many years.


Grass Valley, California

Hello Ziji,
Thank you so much for the healing last night, your understanding with my tardiness
and that you even took extra time to do multiple healings. I am very grateful!
Today I'm feeling much better and I had very little ringing in my ear. I will talk to you
soon. Be well.


New Jersey

Hi ZiJi,

I just wanted to follow up and say thank you again. It really was an incredible experience and I'm just glad to have met you.

Best, M.U.

Southeast Asia


Thanks for a wonderful session. Very fruitful. I particularly liked the volcano metaphor. For years I had taped to my typewriter the motto, "Make music out of your despair." It's the artist's role to transform this volcanic cache of grim and painful material into something beautiful and true. I very much liked the transforming of the aura also, again into a lighter version...

I found that I slept much better last night practically without dreams and mental noise--peace.

Many thanks, I enjoyed talking with you.

Best wishes and Peace,

San Diego, California

Hey Ziji,

I did some work for this guy with his legal case today and I was amazed at how well I did. I actually enjoyed it and was really good job. Up to this point I've felt so emotionally overwhelmed that I've been unable to really focus and concentrate, but today I was really dialed in. Pretty impressive for something I have no interest in.

It's a great sign and gives me hope for finding some type of opportunity in the future here.

Thanks for your healing work!



Hi Ziji,

I want to thank u for a healing yesterday for in addition to having less sensitivity on my eyes which are also very sensitive to light and therefore painful are feeling much better since yesterday...So nice to have met u



Hi Ziji,

Whatever you did last night worked great. I slept really well and woke up feeling "myself"...


Hi Ziji,

They were very pleased with the meeting, actually clapped at the end. Thank you, thank you! Thanks for helping me make it through. I felt comfortable and reassured....I received a lot of positive feedback. Talk soon. Peace


New Jersey

Hi Ziji.

I'm doing well since the healing. Prior to speaking with you I had just ended an emotional relationship that went on for 8yrs. Safe to say I feel good about my decision and feel that the healing has helped me with moving forward. I no longer find myself worrying or thinking about that situation.

Thank you :)



Hey Ziji.

Great healing yesterday. Some big detox today, felt like a genuine detox.



Thanks Ziji.

I felt so much more easeful less anxious about handling everything. Will call again and refer friends.

Blessings, S.I.

Good morning Ziji,

Lots to say but sum it up.

I feel more light (brighter) (eyes feel opened hard to describe). more open happier energized. Did things (motivated), want to dance and be close again with people (men too). Feeling more myself. 

We will schedule more soon.

New Jersey



New Jersey



Rockland, NY